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  1. UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte

    Jinja2 logo Although I was getting this output in relation to one of my Jinja2 templates, it really isn't a Jinja2 problem.

    UnicodeDecodeError: 'ascii' codec can't decode byte 0xe2 in position 69: ordinal not in range(128)

    The bit of code here should be doing nothing more than printing a float …

  2. Implementing 'git show' in Mercurial

    One of my frequently used git commands is 'git show <rev>'. As in, "show me what the heck this guy did here." Unfortunately, Mercurial doesn't have the same command, but it's easy enough to implement it using an alias in your .hgrc.

    The command you would run from the command …

  3. MacPorts: upgrade gnutls failed

    MacPorts logo I ran into this issue while trying to install wine-devel on my Mid 2012 MacBook Pro running El Capitan and MacPorts 2.3.4. As the install progressed, here is the error I got:

    Error: for port glib2 returned: command execution failed
    Please see the log file …
  4. Python: Empty String?

    Python logo I've mentioned before that empty strings in Python are false. This leads to a common if not string paradigm. Unfortunately, this can be problematic. Check out this snippet:

    >>> string = ""
    >>> if not string:
    ...  print("empty")

    That pretty much worked out just as we imagined. The empty string returned False and …

  5. {git, hg} Custom Log Output

    Mercurial logo The standard log output for both Git and Mercurial is a bit verbose for my liking. I keep my terminal at ~50 lines, which results in only getting about 8 to 10 log entries depending on how verbose the commit was. This isn't a big deal if you are just …

  6. Factory Reset Broken OnePlus One

    OnePlus logo This is a sad story. A few weeks ago, I set my OnePlus One down on a table outside so that it would not be in my pocket while I worked on the pool. I have done enough work on the pool to know that at any moment, I might …

  7. OS X: Disable IPv6 Address Privacy

    Mac OS X logo For those that are really into privacy, the Privacy Extensions defined in RFC 4941 are a really good thing. This extension circumvents SLAAC and has the result of randomizing your IPv6 address. Like I said, if privacy is a big deal for you, this is definitely something you want enabled …

  8. What's Next? Using Chrome OS and Crouton For Work

    Ubuntu -rightIt is well-documented that I am a heavy Google user. I use Gmail and Google Docs for just about everything. Additionally, I have used an Android phone since I got the HTC Dream (AKA T-Mobile G1) when it first came out.

    However, I have been using OS X full-time since …

  9. Post-Panda Experiment Notes

    Google logo I stumbled across some notes I took in 2011 after Google introduce their Panda update. This update really hit hard, and I was looking for a way to recover. To put things in perspective, this site saw a 35% decrease in traffic after the Panda update.

    What makes …

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