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Enabling Stateful Switchover in the Cisco ASR1000

When you get your brand new Cisco ASR1000 series router, Stateful Switchover (SSO) is disabled by default.

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DRBD Tuning Notes

I ran across these notes I took while tuning DRBD on a pair of NFS servers. [root@smtp10 ~]# bonnie++ -s0 -r 1000 -u 666 -d /mailstore/benchmark/ Using uid:666, gid:666. Create files in sequential order...done. Stat files in sequential order...done. Delete files in sequential order...done. Create files in random order...done. Stat files in random order...done. Delete […]

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Mutt: Tagging Messages Based on Message ID

I recently needed to tag the first 5,389 messages in a mailbox using Mutt. This is much easier than you might think. shift-t - By default, the command to tag messages based on a pattern is bound to shift-t. If you've changed this in your muttrc, use whatever you've bound tag-pattern to. ~m1-5389 - ~m […]

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What are BGP Update-Groups?

You've certainly noticed when look at individual BGP routes on your Cisco routers that the route is advertised to specific update-groups. It isn't obvious from that output just what those update-groups are.

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Comments in .vimrc

If you need to comment something out of your .vimrc, start the line with...

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