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Tech Messages | 2010-12-21

A special extended edition of Tech Messages for 2010-12-14 through 2010-12-21: Cisco IOS Hints and Tricks: IOS HTTP client sets Host: field to IP addressStill annoying... ACL IP Options Selective Drop - Cisco SystemsMost networks do not make use of IP options. You can drop packets that contain options with the "ip option drop" global […]

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Tech Messages | 2010-12-14

A special extended edition of Tech Messages for 2010-12-07 through 2010-12-14: MCS-7816-I4, MCS-782x-I4, Hard Drive goes into Read Only mode, Hard Drive firmware upgrade requiredAn internal failure of certain hard drives with firmware prior to version 3B06 used inside the servers that are listed in the Products Affected section can lead to an issue where […]

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Open Registration Has Been Closed

As you might be aware, WordPress 3.0.2 has been released to fix a specific security vulnerability. This vulnerability required an attacker to have author-level privileges on a WordPress installation. This has led to a rash of new Slaptijack users to be created with the hopes of gaining author-level access. In order to stymy the influx […]

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Tech Messages | 2010-11-23

A special extended edition of Tech Messages for 2010-11-13 through 2010-11-23: Ned Batchelder: Subversion branching quick startThis is a good start if you're new to branching in Subversion. Streamed Lines: Branching Patterns for Parallel Software Development Why should I firewall servers? - Server Fault

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Tech Messages | 2010-11-12

A special extended edition of Tech Messages for 2010-11-11 through 2010-11-12: Routers That Suck: Cisco rate-limit burst voodooRFC does a good job of explaining Cisco's burst numbers and gives an alternative method for calculating those values. Committed Access Rate - Cisco SystemsAlthough this feature guide was originally written for IOS 11.1, it still has relevance […]

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